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everybody has a name

My name is combination.  I combine.  The innocent aspirations of youth,

with the illusions and desillusions of reality, of groing up,

with the hopes for new illusions to believe in,

with the fate that we evolve to the real lessons, to the real feeling,

to the best act in real art's NOW

                            I combine.  The pains and joies of the past,

with understanding the present ones

with the aspirations of tomorrow

with all the energy deep inside me

                            I combine.  The political theories

with the working conditions,

with te real emotional world of daily people,

with wanting to change things

                            I combine.  The news on war, poverty, famine,

with all kind of wealth disseases,

with all kinds of unhappiness that reigns,

with breaking the solitude of the individual

                            I combine.  The living and the dead,

with the longing for fullfilment

with wanting to recognise , who in fact I am,

with observing all kinds of forgotten energies

                            I combine.  Friendship and Love and Lust

with satisfaction and negative emotions,

with solutions and new problems,

with rest and unease

                            I combine, I combine, I combine.

I cannot do otherwise, aldough I try, I always have to combine.

Because combination shall be my name untill it's no longer necessary...

and I'll become ...another  world ?   

                 _8888  OCTO   888


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